Mari Sakurai

Romy Mats

Shake M


  • DATE: 11/2 (FRI)
  • OPEN: 23:00

世界の頂点で活躍するDJ NOBUとDJ MASDAによる、衝撃のオープン・ラストのB2B!!世界の現場で挑戦を続けるDJ NOBUとDJ MASDAによるメインフロアー・オープンラスト!!

自らの感性のみを拠り所に国境を越え常に挑戦を続ける2人の日本人DJ、DJ NOBUとDJ MASDAが創り上げるメインフロアー・オープンラストが開催決定!

近年国際的に活躍を見せる2人の日本人DJであるDJ NOBUとDJ MASDA、一見接点の見当たらない2人であるが、2014年江ノ島OppalaにてExcursionというパーティをオーガナイズし、そこで数回にわたりB2Bを披露している。このB2Bは最初から計画されていたものではなく、1度目のパーティの開催中にDJ MASDAとYONE-KOがB2Bをしていた際にDJ NOBUがそこに加わり、想定外の盛り上がりを見せたことから次のパーティ以降、DJ NOBUとDJ MASDAのB2BとゲストDJという構成でパーティは続けられた。DJ NOBUはテクノシーン、DJ MASDAはハウスシーンを牽引する存在で、普段はそれぞれ全く違ったアプローチや選曲をしているが、そこでは互いが得意とするグルーブをぶつけ合うもエゴを100%排除したただひたすら気持ちの良い空間が広がっていた。このB2Bは東京でも開催が計画されたがスケジュールの都合で一旦キャンセルとなったが、今回、DJ MASDAのオファーをDJ NOBUが受けVENTでの開催となった。


そして今回は更に、ROOM2にも、Mari Sakurai、Romy Mats、Shake M、Hisashi、二人がレコメンドする若手DJ達が集結する徹底ぶり。 毎週末、海外よりTOP DJを紹介してきたVENTが、世界へ向けて日本の才能を発信するパーティーをぜひ体験してほしい!

Jetsetting and globetrotting master DJ legends from Japan, DJ NOBU and DJ MASDA, set to play all night long on the main floor at Omotesando VENT on November 2nd!

DJ MASDA, have crossing borders on their continuous mission to redefine electronic music, and now they will be playing on the main floor at VENT, until last call.

In recent years, these two Japanese DJs have been making waves in the international scene, and at first glance you may be thinking how these two are even connected (other than being DJs from Japan…). However, back in 2014, these two organized the Excursion party held at Oppala in Enoshima, and even went on to do several back-to-back sets together. Moreover, these back-to-back sessions where not planned out intially; the first time they did a back-to-back was at a party where DJ MASDA and YONE-KO were doing a B2B and DJ NOBU just joined in, but much to the audience’s excitement, the results were positive but unexpected – the crowd went wild. Since then, DJ NOBU and MASDA have taken on other B2B sessions, as well as featuring the other as a guest a numerous parties. DJ NOBU is to Techno what DJ MASDA is to House. They are both masters in their respective scenes, and normally they have two very unique methods of track selections, but here’s the rub: when they get together, the feed off each other, leaving their egos behind, and combine powers to fuse together an awesome vibe that absolutely takes over the room. This B2B had been planned to kick off in Tokyo but was cancelled once due to scheduling conflicts, but this time it’s been confirmed, and we are so excited to present this to even to you at VENT!

Every weekend, these two are at some corner of the earth dropping banging sets. At each and every club or festival they play, they scope out the scene and using their creative powers, they map out what needs to be done – every set/session presents the unique challenge of how to please the dance floor. Of course, thanks to this professionalism, these 2 DJs are repeatedly asked to play at the same clubs and festivals. Now, we are eager to see and hear what these two can do for their long-awaited performance on the main floor here at VENT.

Additionally, we will have several up-and-coming DJs dropping sets in Room 2. The lineup includes Mari Sakurai, Romy Mats, Shake M, Hisashi – all rising DJ stars who have come highly recommended by DJ NOBU and DJ MASDA. Every weekend at VENT we present to top artists from around the globe, but this time we want to look inward – boasting some of Japan’s best and brightest, spreading the word further domestically and internationally, so don’t miss out!



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