Disco Halal


Disco Halal meets Huit Etoiles

Mustache X Fake Eyes Production

Que Sakamoto Huit Etoiles/Roam Recordings


Huit Etoiles Crew

Jun Nishioka cha cha cha

Motoki a.k.a. Shame Lose Yourself

Candy Boys Yosuke Nakagawa & Genki Tanaka

Bless Hacker

u come on! flowers in cave

FLEDtokyo Tu.uT.Tu./Test Press Tuesday

  • DATE: 1/12 (SAT)
  • OPEN: 23:00

まさに破竹の勢い!! 時代の寵児へと登り詰めたDisco HalalのMoscomanと、4年連続 ”世界No1"のDIXONが大絶賛する若き才能、Trikkが共演!!

最近では海外での活躍も目覚ましいQue Sakamotoが率いる国内屈指のNu DiscoパーティーHuit Etoilesが1月12日に開催決定!モダンエスニックの革命家Red AxesやAcid Arabらと共に一大ムーヴメントを築き上げたMoscomanと、DixonやÂmeでお馴染みInnervisionsからのリリースも話題のTrikkがダブルヘッドライナーで登場し、スペシャルなショーケース、Disco Halal meets Huit Etoilesを開催!!

イスラエル出身にして、Disco Halalレーベルを運営し、近年オルタナなクラブ・カルチャーにおいて影響力を持つ存在になったMoscomanは特徴的なサウンドで世界中の多くのオーディエンスを喜ばせてきた。活動の初期にはテルアビブの大衆的なバーで、成功した今ではより多くのオーディエンスに向けて、自分の故郷の様々な音楽とより幅の広いエレクトロニック・ミュージックをつなぎ合わせ、ニューウェーブ、ハウス、テクノ、トランスそして自身の音楽とのジャンルの差を埋めながら常に進化してきたアーティストだ。

アンダーグラウンドのムーブメントを生み出す街として、近年高い評価を受け、同時にサブ・ジャンルのミュージシャンにとって最高のインスピレーションを与える街として名高いポルトが生んだTrikkは、若き才能として称賛され、新しいスターとして注目されている。ManMakeMusicやLosslessなどのレーベルからの作品のリリース、Hotflush RecordingsやPets Recordingsなどへのリミックスの提供、そして絶大な人気を誇るInnervisionsからのリリースを通してTrikkはその才能を世界に証明してきた。

国内からはMustache X、Huit Etoiles Crew、Jun Nishioka、Motoki a.k.a. Shame、Candy Boys、Bless Hacker、u come on!、FLEDtokyoといった珠玉のローカルDJが集結し、Disco HalalとHuit Etoilesによる新年会とも言える新年第一回目となる開催を大いに盛り上げてくれるだろう!

Bear witness to the unstoppable momentum of two rising stars: wunderkind and proprietor of the very hot Disco Halal, Moscoman, and young and rising star Trikk, who has received much praise from the number one ranked DJ, four-years-in-a-row, Dixon! These two will join forces for an epic throw down on January 12th, at Omotesando VENT!

Led by Que Sakamoto, who keeps up to date on the recent goings on overseas, Huit Etoiles is the leading party in the Japanese Nu Disco scene, and on January 12th, Moscoman (who, along with Red Axes and Acid Arab, has helped establish the Modern Ethnic movement) and Trikk (who has been garnering attention thanks to his releases on Innervision, which is the same well-respected label well that is known for releasing tracks by Dixon and Âme) will be double-heading this extra special showcase: Disco Halal meets Huite Etoiles!

Hailing from Israel, proprietor of the Disco Halal print, in recent years Moscoman has been greatly inspired by alternative club culture, which in turn has led to him cultivating a unique sound that has brought happiness to audience the world over. In the early days, he spun at popular bars in his native Tel Aviv, and even after his success, he continues to blend the sounds of his hometown to wider audiences, incorporating a wide range of electronic genres, such as New Wave, House, Techno, Trance, and his own original tracks to fill in the gaps, continuous evolving as an artist.

Hailing from Oporto, which has been garnering a lot of attention lately as not only one of the leading cities in the underground, but also as a inspiration for sub-genre music, Trikk is an rising star that everyone interested in electronic music should be keeping an eye on. He’s release on ManMakeMusic and Lossless, and has produced remixes for Hot Flush and Pets Recordings, and his greatest achievement to date is releasing works on Innervisions, certifying him as a purveyor of banging tracks.

And don’t sleep on the local talent! Mustache X, Huit Etoiles Crew, Jun Nishioka, Motoki a.k.a Shame, Candy Boys, Bless Hacker, u come on!, FLEDtokyo – this is a massive lineup of Japanese DJs that will provide sonic support for this Disco Halal/Huit Etoiles collabo party that is sure to properly kick off 2019! Do not miss this!


※ VENTでは、20歳未満の方、写真付身分証明書をお持ちでない方、

※You must be 20 years of age or older and have photo ID to enter.
Note: sandals are not acceptable attire. We appreciate your cooperation.